Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memorial of Saint Teresa of Avila, Virgin and Doctor of the Church

Today, October 15, the Church celebrates the memorial of Saint Teresa of Avila, one of the greatest mystics of all time. Along with a Carmelite priest, the mystic and poet Saint John of the Cross, she founded the Discalced Carmelites.

From THE LITURGY OF THE HOURS: Saint Teresa was born at Avila in Spain in 1515. She joined the Carmelite Order, made great progress in the way of purification and enjoyed mystical revelations. When she reformed the order, she met with much resistance, but she succeeded with undaunted courage. She also wrote books filled with sublime doctrine, the fruit of her own spiritual life. She died at Avila in 1582.

PRAYER: God, You raised up St. Teresa by Your Spirit so that she could manifest to the Church the way to perfection. Nourish us with the food of Heaven, and fire us with a desire for holiness. Amen.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Lady of the Rosary

Yesterday, October 7, the Church celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.
Under the name of Our Lady of Victories, Pope Pius V instituted the annual feast to celebrate the victory of Don Juan of Austria and Christian forces over the invading Turks at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

Pope Pius V with the victorious flags of the Battle of Lepanto in the background.

Pope Gregory XII changed the name of the feast to OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY.

Pope John Paul II praying the Holy Rosary

"It could be said that each mystery of the rosary, carefully meditated, sheds light on the mystery of man. "Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you." Psalm 55:23. To pray the rosary is to hand over our burdens to the merciful heart of Christ and his Mother. The rosary does indeed 'mark the rythm of human life' bringing it into harmony with the 'rhythm' of God's own life, in the joyful communion of the Holy Trinity, our life's destiny and deepest longing. Through the rosary the faithful receive abundant grace, as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer."

PRAYER: God, fill us with Your Grace. We know the Incarnation of Your Son by the message of an Angel. Through the intercession of Mary may we obtain the glory of resurrection through Christ's Passion and Cross. Amen.

Belated Happy Feast of Saint Francis

The Bad Catholic got busy and missed blogging about the Feast of Saint Francis on Sunday. When I came out of the Church Sunday afternoon after Holy Hour, Father Jacek was blessing the animals in the parking lot. I called SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED on the cell phone and asked her since Father was blessing the animals if I should get in line.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Guardian Angels

Today the Church celebrates Guardian Angels. Angels are powerful spirits who act as the messengers of God. The Church teaches that our spiritual well being is looked after by a guardian angel who waits to help us when we turn to God in faith.

PRAYER: God, in Your Providence, You saw fit to send Your Angels to watch over us. Grant that we may always be under their protection and one day enjoy their company in heaven. Amen.

Just What We Need

Just what we need. The Bishop of the Canadian diocese of Antigonish in Nova Scotia has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. Of course, Bishop Lahey, like any criminal defendant, is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty so we can't jump to any conclusions, however, like I told a good Catholic friend of mine just yesterday, I joined the Church founded by Jesus Christ not the priests and the bishops.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, Virgin and Doctor of the Church

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Today the Church honors Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, also popularly known as "the little flower." She was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope John Paul II.

Saint Therese portraying Saint Joan of Arc

From THE LITURGY OF THE HOURS: "Saint Theresa was born at Alencon in France in 1873. While still a young girl, she entered the Carmelite monastery at Lisieux. There she lived a life of humility, evangelical simplicity and trust in God. By word and example she taught these virtues to the novices of the community. Offering her life for the salvation of souls and the growth of the Church, she died September 30, 1897.

The "Little Flower" in death.

PRAYER: God our Father, You designed Your Kingdom for Your children who are humble. Help us to imitate the way of Saint Theresa, so that, by her intercession, we may attain the eternal glory which You promised. Amen.