Tuesday, March 1, 2011

College Life in the Post-Christian World

What's the most important decision that college students have to make? Who to sleep with, of course! Rutgers University has announced that they will now allow opposite sex couples to live together in Dorms and that men and women will share bathrooms. Read the full story here.

All of this is apparently so that gay couples can live together without guilt. Huh? Shouldn't college students be concentrating on doing their schoolwork? Didn't enough sex, gay and straight, go on in the old days when men and women were strictly segregated and sex of all kinds on campus was discouraged? As a middle aged white male Neanderthal, I just don't get it.

I can't help but think that this will be devastating to young women. The reason it will be devastating is because young men are generally testosterone driven pigs who will now expect to be able to immediately move in with the girlfriend. Call me old fashioned and sexist, but isn't this kind of policy going to pressure more kids into pre-marital sex? Who are they going to hire as Resident Advisors, Hugh Hefner and Lady Gaga?

This kind of policy is the result of thinking which says that every young adult MUST be having sex. Like Flannery O'Connor famously said about the Yaddo artists colony, "If you aren't sleeping with the opposite sex, then it's assumed that you must be sleeping with your own." Apparently, it's now necessary to encourage our children to engage in irresponsible sexual activity.

Middle Aged White Male Neanderthal


  1. That looks just like you. Amazing!

  2. I'm sure they can wait 'till they finish college. They don't need extra pressures on top of studies.
    Is your header photo of Whitby abbey in Yorkshire? It sure looks like it.

  3. To Douglas: I'm sure that the picture probably is the Abbey in Yorkshire. I borrowed this phot of King Henry's handiwork from somewhere on the Internet.

    To Joe G: And that's a picture of me when I'm having a good day!