Sunday, April 26, 2015

Otello (Metropolitan Opera 1995)

1995 Production of the Metropolitan Opera Conducted By James Levine.  Starring Pacido Domingo, as Otello, Renee Fleming as Desdemona, and James Morris as Iago.

Next to Wagner, Verdi is acknowledged as the greatest operatic composer of the 19th century.  This 1995 production from the Met is almost perfect.  It's well sung, well acted and the music is well played.  James Levine proves himself, once again, to be one of the greatest conductors of all time.

Placedo Domingo was 54 in 1995, but as far as I can tell, was still in perfect form.  Renee Fleming was approximately age 36, and it's noticeable that she's a little old to be playing a young girl in her late teens or early 20s.  Morris' Iago is sufficiently sinister without being over the top.  This was a traditional staging, which I like.  All in all, I thought that this production was almost perfect and we are lucky to have it captured on video.

Renee  Fleming as Desdemona  and Placido Domingo as  Otello

Renee Fleming

Placedo Domingo

James Morris

James Levine

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