Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cowboy Church

Howdy Partners! Why don't we saddle up and bust a wild Bronco for Jesus?

Here in the Empire State of the South, new Protestant Evangelical Churches seem to sprout up like weeds. Each of them have a different flavor or a different twist to attract people to them. In other words, if you don't like worshiping with the old folks down at First Methodist then come on over here to Spirit Filled Inter-Denominational Life Center and listen to electric guitars and wear your blue jeans and T-shirt and get a mocha latte at the Church coffee shop on the way out.

Apparently, one of the new things in the Evangelical world is the "COWBOY CHURCH." On my way to Court in a nearby city, I pass by a sign on the highway leading the way to a "Cowboy Church." The sign has the silhouette of a cowboy kneeling before the cross with his horse standing by and points the way down a rural road. I wondered what this was and asked a friend of mine, who is a former Southern Baptist Seminarian, what this was all about and he explained it to me.

I think that an argument can be made that the original "Cowboy Churches" were all those Spanish Franciscan missions in the Southwest. After all, the Spanish vaqueros were the first "cowboys." Look at a map of the Southwestern United States and what do you see. Towns called "Santa Fe" (Holy Faith), "Los Angeles" (The Angels), "Sacramento" (Sacrament), not to mention San Diego, San Francisco and others. A good argument can be made that the original "Cowboy Church" is the Catholic faith brought by the Spanish to the American Southwest.

Of course, any movement that leads unchurched people to faith in Jesus Christ is a good thing. So let us pray for our separated brethren in the Cowboy Churches.


  1. As loyal Southern Baptists participating in the Cooperative Program, why don't we start an Indian Church? Maybe the Lord is calling YOU. At the Indian Church you can be Apache, Sioux, Choctaw, Seminole, etc., and all the tribes get along, and they all adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message.

  2. This goes off the Bizarre Scale of 1 to 10 - it's about a 14.

  3. BC - Have you memorized the BF&M? Have you sworn loyalty? I'm having some doubts about you.

  4. The Indian Church sounds very interesting. Maybe JOE G should start one up.

  5. You may want to do a little research, the first "cowboys" are from the great state of Florida. St Augustine being the oldest European settlement in the country (Spain). But I agree with your thinking here, If you wish to get into this foolishness then the Catholic Church is the oldest "Cowboy church."

  6. The "Cowboy Church" that I attends comes from Texas where a man started preaching at rodeos and having backyard church services. It comes from Baptist. It is not weird, it just uses Western heritage to bring people to Jesus.