Sunday, January 31, 2010

Literary Giants, Literary Catholics

I know that everybody out there is dying to know what books that I read. My latest completed read is Literary Giants, Literary Catholics by Joseph Pearce. This is a collection of Pearce's essays on authors and literature. Once again, all the usual suspects are here: Chesterton, Belloc, Greene, Benson, Muggeridge, Waugh and Tolkien. There are also one or two surprises like an essay on Paul McCartney as a poet. One of Pearce's favorite subjects is the poet and convert Roy Campbell. There is also an excellent essay on the "war poet" Siegfried Sassoon. Pearce's essays on Oscar Wilde and the 19th century "decadents" is also enlightening. For those who are interested in Catholic literature and culture, like almost everything else written by Pearce, Literary Giants, Literary Catholics is a good read

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