Tuesday, May 4, 2010

British Judge Rules that Christian Beliefs are not Worthy of Legal Recognition

In a case in which a therapist was fired for refusing to give "marriage counseling" to a same sex couple, a British High Court Judge has ruled that Christian beliefs are "purely subjective" because they cannot be proven by evidence and, therefore, are not entitled to any legal recognition.

In other words, it's OK if you crazy people want to believe all this stuff as long as you don't actually practice it in your life. Very soon, brothers and sisters, orthodox Christians will probably be barred from holding public office, holding professional licenses, serving on juries, and may even be barred from voting. The United Kingdom is not far from this type of persecution. The concerns of the former Archbishop of Canterbury were dismissed by the Judge as unfounded.

The Bad Catholic has to wonder,however, how Great Britian can continue to have an established religion, which is supposed to be Christianity, if that established religion is not entitled to any legal recognition? Since, by all reports, Britain will soon be a Muslim country governed by Sharia law, I wonder how the learned judge would have ruled if this had been a Muslim therapist who was fired?

Full story from the Huffington Post.

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