Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vote Early! Vote Often!

LOVE IN THE RUINS has been nominated in two categories in the Cannonball Catholic Blog awards. (Best New Blog & Best Underappreciated Blog). Voting is open through May 14th. So the Bad Catholic is asking all of his loyal fans to VOTE NOW.

My Great Grand Daddy, Thomas Lowell Watson, was a Precinct Captain for Governor Eugene Talmadge of Georgia in the 30s and 40s. The story is that Daddy Watson and all of the other Talmadge men would gather on election day and vote in Thomaston, Georgia, the county seat of Upson County, Georgia. Then they would all get on the train and ride to Yatesville, Georgia and all vote for Gene Talmadge again.

The year that Eugene Talmadge died before the election results could be counted, the Talmadge supporters all made write in votes for his son Herman Talmadge (pronounced "Hummon"). (Lewis Grizzard once said that God probably sounds more like Herman Talmadge than anybody). Reportedly, in the Talmadge's home town of McRae, Georgia, several hundred deceased persons made write in votes for Herman Talmadge in alphabetical order.

So remember BAD CATHOLIC supporters, Governor Gene says "Vote Early, Vote Often."


  1. I am the one who nominated you. I'm sorry you didn't win. I think you're a blog whose time is coming :)

  2. Thanks Donna! I think next to Joe G., who doesn't count because he's a member of my parish, you're my biggest fan.

  3. That vote fraud in McRae was exposed by Atlanta Journal reporter George Goodwin, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his effort.