Friday, July 9, 2010

The Teachings of the Catholic Church are "Hate Speech"

A professor at the University of Illinois has been fired for "hate speech" for publicly saying that he agrees with the teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. This is a taste of things to come. Since the teachings of the Catholic Church are "hate speech," how long can it be before simply being Catholic will be akin to being a member of the KKK?

Read the full story at the American Papist.


  1. I also was shocked by this report (UK). A part of me wants to believe that the prof (Howell) was "really" fired for other reasons. I say this because Msgr. Gregory Ketcham, Director of the St. John’s Catholic Newman Center, did not want anything to do with the prof.

  2. I hope that you are right Paul. Even if they fired him for other reasons, it looks like they would have been smart enough to come up with a better excuse than "the teachings of the Catholic Church are hate speech."

    Regardless of whether Mr. Howell deserved to be fired, I still feel that this is the kind of thinking that dominates among "cultural elites" and that it will not be long before we face active persecution for being faithful to the teachings of the Church.