Thursday, November 25, 2010

15 Year Old Arrested in England for Burning Koran

The BBC reports that a 15 year old girl has been arrested and charged with Hate Speech for burning a copy of the Koran. One has to wonder, if she had desecrated a copy of the Bible would she have been charged?


  1. Sadly, if she had burned a bible it would have gone unnoticed. Until we in Britain awaken to the fact that there is a legitimate stance that opposes the excesses of Islam without involving religious hatred, the situation will only get worse.

  2. Richard Collins:

    I think the British people are awake to the fact. The problem is the pusilanimous twerps in the government.

  3. "Sadly, if she had burned a bible it would have gone unnoticed."

    She would have been praised. In the eyes of the world, being anti-christian, mainly anti-catholic, is something to praise.

    Anti-catholics think of themselves as people very well educated, very inteligent and truly civilized.

    If they knew the truth...