Saturday, November 13, 2010


The Bad Catholic has been reading Faulkner! Read all about it at The Eclectic Reader.


  1. I think you are missing something by not contrasting the "virgin" w/child foster fathered by the chaste (old man) Joseph w/the doctor "will borne [he] will burn" betraying his profession by killing his child at the behest of Charlotte "writ in mire" not caring about anything but romantic ideas (sex) whom he also ends up killing [What happens If I forget thee Jerusalem... the wages of sin is death.]

    It is typically Faulkner that no matter what the man does he always ends up in prison, but one story results in life for the woman and child and peace for the man...

    In "Light in August" a man becomes foster father to an uneducated country woman's child at the end.

    About the Sound and the Fury, Faulkner said, "I wrote the same story 4 times" (you can love a woman like a moron, a romantic, a chattel owner, and/or wait on her like a nigger maid --(and guess who's the most successful at getting sex?)).

    Sanctuary/Requiem for a Nun ("Temple"/"Boots" vs "Ruby") where both Popeye and Goodwin end up dead. In Requiem black maid murders baby.

  2. Anonymous:
    Thanks for the insights! I agree whole heartedly with your analysis.