Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Captain Honors: The Bad Catholic Opinion

This blog post is not politically correct and will likely offend the squeamish. If you are sensitive stop reading now and go to Salon.com.

Here's my two cents worth about the suspension of Captain Honors of the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Enterprise for making a racy comedy video for the crew while he was the Executive Officer. Political Correctness is destroying the United States of America. I've seen the video, which is available on the Internet, and I say "So What?" It's no worse than what's on cable TV every single day. There is much worse stuff put up on You Tube all the time.

This officer was just trying to do something to make the crew laugh and uplift their morale during a long cruise. OOOOH, they made fun of gay people and had jokes about sex and masturbation! Have we gone crazy?


If we're this politically correct, we need to pack it in now, pull down Old Glory and go ahead and let the North Koreans and Iranians march in and take over, because that's what's going to happen. If we now live in a country where our fighting men and women, whom we expect to take bullets for us and kill the enemy for us, can't blow off a little steam with a few off color jokes, then we are truly doomed.

Using today's politically correct standards, there is no way that the Allies would have won World War II. What would these politically correct pinheads have done with a hard-bitten, hard fighting soldier like General George S. Patton?

That's my two cents worth.


  1. I must say the clip did turn my stomach (probably because I don't watch TV anymore and my immune system is down:), yet, your argument still stands, especially against the PC Church hypocrites that are so up in arms over the issue.

    However, I can't help but think of the initial, soldierly reaction to St. Joan of Arc when she insisted that in order to win the French army had to become God's army. No women, no swearing, and yes, Confession. They weren't too happy, but they got over it. One Confederate general insisted that none of the officers serving under him should take the Lord's name in vain, and it goes without saying that Lee didn't swear. We all feel for our military and want them to have some time to let their hair down, but there are better ways of doing it.

    I don't agree with the action taken against the captain. However, that doesn't mean we have to say that there was nothing wrong with the film.

  2. Thanks for the comment. How would the PC crowd react to a religious revival in the military? In a perfect world we could have armies commanded by Saints (and look what happened to St. Joan at the hands of other Christians).

    You are absolutely right about the religiousity of Lee and Jackson. However, one of the best Confederate commanders was Nathan Bedford Forrest and I do think that quite a bit of swearing went on in that camp. Forrest is quoted as saying "War means fighting, and fighting means killing." Any way you cut it, killing people is not a nice business.

    At Fredricksburg when swarms of Union soldiers were being mowed down under Confederate musketry, while Lee said "It is well that war is so terrible or we should grow too fond of it," Jackson is supposed to have turned his staff and said "Kill 'em, Kill 'em all."

    I agree with everything you say in your comment. However, we can't loose sight that General Sherman was absolutely right when he said "War is Hell."

    My only point is that most Veterans are shaking their heads at this and think that the whole thing is silly. I agree with the Veterans blog which I linked to that says that the Navy's investigation should have lasted about twelve minutes.

    The captain should have been told to be a little less racy next time and that's it. By all reports, the majority of the crew enjoyed the skits and it was good for morale. In my book, that's all that counts.

    There is no way to fight a PC war. Like in the movie Patton when the German generals can't believe that the Americans would dismiss their best general because he slapped a soldier. Eisenhower almost fired Patton back then. He would have lasted about five minutes in the modern Army. MacArthur, with his big mouth, would probably have not been far behind him.

    My point is that we can't afford to throw away senior commanders over Trivia. This is a recipe for disaster. I would imagine that removing this Captain from command over this is devastating for morale in the Navy. Officers are going to be afraid to let down their hair at all in front of the troops.

    I can't help wondering if Captain Honors announced that he had "come out of the closet" and was secretly Gay if his comedy videos would suddenly be deemed to be alright?

  3. Well said, Bad Cat! I agree 100%.

  4. It does seem so hypocritical on top of politically correct given across this nation there has been ever increasing "entertainment" -type "educational" shows that feature students in drag and similar stuff demonstrated in this video. Just google "college drag shows" for one, or just read the planned parenthood material, and drawings placed in front of children and young teens in sex educational programs. Really, and the same folks having the melt down on this, probably don't bat an eye lid on these above programs.

    Jacobitess ... I agree with your sentiments. There is another way, and another way for Leaders to lead ... even in the area of leisure and entertainment aboard a ship.

    Bad Catholic you are so correct about how we cannot afford to throw away senior commanders over "Trivia"!