Monday, January 31, 2011

Married Deacon Controversy

It seems that I am late getting in on the whole fight among Catholic bloggers about the comments of a Traditionalist Canon Lawyer that married Deacons are no longer allowed to have sex with their wives.

The Bad Catholic finds this whole argument to be, as Mr. Shakespeare said, "Much ado about nothing." Is this all we have to worry about?

It seems to me that the Sacrament of Marriage makes the marital embrace holy. This is why it is not allowed outside of sacramental marriage. Sacraments do not cancel each other out. The Sacrament of Holy Orders does not somehow cancel the Sacrament of Marriage regardless of what canon law says.

The Bishops, as the successors of the Apostles, have ordained married men to the Diaconate and now the Priesthood. These Bishops have known that their married deacons were not remaining celebate. It seems to this simple old country lawyer that the authority of the Bishops as the successors of the Apostles trumps some ancient Canon.

You may read a summary of the whole controversy here.

Here's a good response from a Married Deacon.

I invite your rebuttals.

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