Monday, June 2, 2014

God Less America

Veterans Administration Chaplains who are fired for quoting the Bible and invoking the name of Jesus in prayer.  A second grader sent home and referred to psychological counseling for drawing a picture of Christ on the cross.   Christian business people ordered by Courts to bake cakes and take pictures for Gay weddings and fined thousands of dollars because of their belief that homosexuality is a sin.  Church choirs banned from performing in public because they refused to remove Christian hymns from their repertoire. Employees fired for eating a Chick-Fil-A sandwich because a gay co-worker was offended.  These are just a few of the true stories of persecution against Christians which are detailed in Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes book God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.

Every orthodox believer must be prepared to be persecuted.  It probably won’t be long before even holding the opinion that homosexuality is a sin will be a crime which can be punished with job loss and even fines and imprisonment.  Priests and Pastors may go to jail for teaching the Church’s traditional positions on faith and morals.

I enjoyed reading God Less America, but it’s about 100 pages too long.  The book is full of filler which consists of Starnes homespun “Hee-Haw” esque ramblings about being a Southern Baptist from Mississippi and drinking sweet tea and eating home made potato salad at dinner on the grounds.   

The jokes and sarcasm also detract from the very serious issues which the book deals with.  A little of Starnes Kornfield Kounty Southern Baptist jokes are OK, but it gets old after you read over 200 pages and more than half of it is cornpone humor.  Oh, well, what did I expect from a book on current events that I bought from the Baptist Bookstore?  (Oh, I forgot they’re not “Baptist Bookstores” any more they’re “Lifeway Christian Stores.”  Glad we straightened that out. 

The Old Baptist Bookstore

The New Baptist Bookstore

 Anyway, God Less America is well worth a look, and you will get a few chuckles in and between being angry and horrified about what has happened to our country.     

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