Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Imminent Collapse of Western Civilization

Interesting blog post about the coming collapse of Western Civilization.  

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  1. This is interesting stuff here, BC. I think and I hope this person is overstating the matter, e.g., my eldest sister (born 1953) is much more liberal and has much more of a "free love" mentality than the children of my cousins, who are my cousins as well, of course. This encourages me. Many, many things are scary about our day and age, but I always think back to 1968, when I was eight years old and obviously not paying attention, think of how much America seemed to be collapsing. MLK and Bobby Kennedy were gunned down by deranged kooks. At the Democratic National Convention, as I recall reading about it, there were numerous riots, heavily armed police, etc. Then more recently, in the '90s there were some really apocalyptic-like events which culminated in 1999 with the mass shooting at Columbine...............on and on.