Friday, April 23, 2010

Billy Graham's Son Is Too Christian For Barack Obama's Army

Billy and Franklin Graham

The Army has dis-invited Evangelist Franklin Graham to a prayer breakfast at the Pentagon after complaints by Muslims. Apparently, anyone who really believes in their religion, if that religion is other than Islam, is a crazed fanatic who must be banned. Full story here.


  1. I can see the Obama reasoning here, and I do think Mr. Graham Jr. has made some inaccurate comments about Islam......many, in fact. He IMPLIES that Muslims are all fanatics. That's like saying all Republicans are tea party members.......or worse, in Mr. Graham's case he never mentions that radical CHRISTIANS can be just as violent and deadly as radical in my opinion, he has very little authority to talk about Islam; in fact, I don't know ANY American Christian religious leader who authoritatively speaks/writes about Islam. ZERO. Nuff said.

  2. It's probably more complicated than I wrote it above, but there are definitely two sides to this issue.....I would sum it up by saying our country's creed is IN GOD WE TRUST, but it is NOT "In Jesus Christ we trust".....big difference. Was that sort of the case in 1776? Of course. But for a BIG reason the founders never put "Jesus" on documents, buildings, etc......or they usually didn't, I should say.

  3. Joe G, It is nitwits like you that give outfits like Al Qaeda and this newest Muslim outfit the idea that they can come in trash Christians, trash this nation's history and make it look like Muslims had any positive contribution in the building of this nation. They are just parasites who have descended on the most prosperous nation in this world and look what they have turned it into? And you have the temerity to question someone like Franklin Graham,whose mission mostly helps Muslims hit bt disasters regardless of whether they accept Christ. That is a great man, who inspite of the ungratefulness of the MUslim community keeps loving them because he is a real follower of the true son of God Jesus Christ.

  4. "... to question someone like Franklin Graham...."

    I question everyone, Anonymous. I question God, for crying out loud.

    By the way, I am a big fan of Franklin Graham, and have very fond memories of working with him at his father's crusade in Tallahassee, November 1986.

    Also, I have very fond memories of meeting Franklin and talking with him privately, in person, in the lobby of the Ramada Inn, where the BG team was staying.

    I worked as a driver for them.

    Can't remember if I ever told the Bad Catholic.....the highlights of that experience were many fold: One was taking George Beverly Shea around the FSU campus site seeing. Another was opening my eyes during the closing prayer one night, in the Leon County Civic Center, to watch Mr. Graham walk out early (he did that customarily, as you may know).......he walked close enough to me to reach out and touch him.
    It was a high honor for me to sit on the platform w/ all the dignitaries that night.

    You got me all wrong, my friend.